Thursday, October 14, 2010

Full Circle

Riding the Chopper bicycle!! You all know you want one!

Hello All,

I wanted to quickly touch base as my 3 month mark of my second transplant is quickly approaching! I can not believe all that has transpired the last 4 months. Like a previous post I made, the time seems hard to measure.

I continue to do very well this time. The lungs feel exceptional. I can breathe freely and deeply. In fact today, I had my 3 month bronchoscopy. This is where they go down into the lungs and take a look at everything and take a biopsy to check for rejection. They did my procedure in the OR, under general anesthesia just as a precaution given my bleeding episode last time. It went perfectly. IV insertion (no problem), sedation went perfect (love propofyl, not as much as MJ though), recovery and discharge were easy. Dr. Coakley said the lungs were wide open and looked great. No infection present at all. They took samples and they will take 3 days or so to come back. I feel great, so I have no reason to believe anything will show up. One never knows though.

My only remaining major issue is the pain I suffer from in my hip joints on both sides. I believe I mentioned this a few post back. It turns out I have an impingement syndrome that has developed. According to the Orthopedist, close to 10 years of practically no real intense physical exercise caused the joints to develop some tissue and tightness. I exercised real hard about a month ago for 3 days straight and tore the tissue away and now when the muscles and tendons glide across the joint they get impinged upon. It has made me slow my gait to a snails pace. I can still work out on a bike, and do certain exercise. I also have worked more on my upper body in Rehab. The treatment is a steroid injection into the joints. Not much fun, but I seem to have no choice. Ironic that now I can breathe freely, but cant walk fast or run to enjoy these lungs. I'll take the breathing freely though anyday. What a great feeling.

So, tomorrow I have clinic and expect a good report from that. I will post a nice synopsis once I get my biopsy results.

I am heading off to yet another Phish show Saturday in South Carolina. I need a little escape to gather my thoughts and put into perspective all that I have been through and all I have ahead of me. What better way to do it then enjoying my favorite band...

Until then, thank you all for the well wishes,



Jean said...

Such great news to hear your lungs are so doing so well ! Hi to everyone in the family... Enjoy Phish !! love Jean

Will Cramer said...

Great to get an update from you Mitch. It's my 1-year next Saturday, so the anniversaries are coming thick and fast! Really hope you can get over the next challenge of sorting out the joints and one day get back on the ski slopes and get really active. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Will, great to hear from you. Oh don't worry, I will be back on the slopes. Even If I need one of those fancy futuristic contraptions that paraplegics use.


Lynn said...

Excellent news on the lungs! I hope you feel your best ever at this Phish concert and every day from now on! Love, Lynn