Friday, December 10, 2010

Officially released

Here is a photo taken while Visiting "Pops" and Nancy, Rebecca's Dad and friend

Hello All,

December 1st, was our last day in Chapel Hill. We moved just about all of our things back to Maryland over thanksgiving. We went back to Maryland for the holiday and enjoyed another incredible Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Harriet's home. It was great to see everyone. We went back to Chapel Hill for a few days and for me to have another clinic appointment.

Everything went well. My breathing tests continue to slowly improve. Which is the best way for them to go. Not to go too much into the numbers, as it would cause for more detailed explanation, but before tranpslant one of the main numbers they look at is your FEV1. This is how forcefully one can blow out air in one second after breathing in their deepest breath. It is a good measure of how strong the lungs are, how diseased they may be due to narrowing or blockage, and also capacity. Well before transplant my FEV1 had dipped to 18% on December 1st, they were 63%. Hopefully they will continue to go up to the 80s or 90s. Who knows. Lung size plays a small part. Because the number is based on someone my height etc. If donor was shorter or smaller then the percentage is skewed down a bit.
I also continue to feel very good from a breathing standpoint. I raced Matias about 200 yards today and when we stopped I barely felt like I was winded. I do have some soreness still along my ribcage area mid chest. Also my feet continue to bother me. But these are issues that don't slow me down at all.

We are taking the next few weeks to do a lot of travelling! We are currently in Florida visiting many friends and family. We spent a week in Key West as well. We rode our bikes all through the old city and it was a breeze. I have another follow up in Chapel Hill on the 22nd.
The plan is to be back to work the first of the year. I hope everyone who is following this blog had a great thanksgiving and is ready for the new year. I know I am.


Joan said...

Hi Mitch, Reba and Simon and Matias, Love your posts - love hearing about all the fun you're having and so great to see a picture of Larry too. Everybody looks great. Hooray and joy to everyone. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!!!! Happy travels. Love Joan.

jean said...

Hi !! great photo of you all. So glad you are having the time to tour around. Enjoy every minute and all your adventures. Happy Holidays !! Love Jean